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Leadership Development Institute

“I am using some of the strategies I learned in the LDI at my current college. There are very few minorities and I want to start a student organization to address some of our concerns. I want to make positive social changes in every community I belong to.”

Participants who have been through VOICES, POWER or YAS and who demonstrate a readiness to assume a leadership role within the Collaborative or in other organizations can apply to the Leadership Development Institute.  Grounded in the Collaborative’s philosophy of positive youth leadership development and social justice, the Institute provides intensive training in group facilitation, project development and management, curriculum design and implementation, community outreach and networking, media as a tool for positive social change, and working with diverse populations.  Successful graduates can apply for a paid position on the Leaders Corps.  The LDI meets for 2 weeks, 25 hours per week in the summer.  Enrollment is typically between 8-12 participants.

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