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Leaders Corps

“Working with The Collaborative I’ve learned that empowering youth is the most meaningful action I can take.  To do so successfully, I have to be prepared, organized, and a responsible leader.”  – Leader Corps Member

All programming is implemented by our Leaders Corps, a dynamic team of former program participants who are now college students serving as de-facto role models for younger cohorts. Leaders Corps members receive ongoing support and professional development that prepares them to facilitate Collaborative programs, support training and technical assistance at other organizations, and conduct workshops in the community and at professional conferences.  In addition to developing participants’ skills, leadership, and confidence, this practice has shaped career and educational aspirations. Many of our former Leaders Corps members are teaching in Philadelphia and other cities and working in the nonprofit and public sectors. Additionally, many have pursued policy-oriented graduate and law school programs. These alums have taken their leadership on the road, helping to inspire a new generation of social justice leaders. Their example also serves as a powerful motivator for high school students who see in it the civic pathway to college and the college pathway to leadership.

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