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“I learned how to operate the camera, break out of my shell and be comfortable with people.” – Tiffani 

“Working with POPPYN opened my eyes to what was/is going on around me.” – Briana

“POPPYN had a strong impact on my media endeavors and career. All the work meant a lot to me even if it was just for a short time.” – Aaron, alumnus

“This program literally did something to my personality and the way I see and process things.” – Tia

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POPPYN is an award-winning social justice media program for high school students in Philadelphia. Since 2011, POPPYN has aimed to alter the landscape of local media by highlighting the missing perspectives, contributions and concerns of young people.  Through our after-school and summer programs, youth produce short films, journalistic segments and episodes where they’ve explored a range of issues– from youth homelessness and environmental justice to the foster care system. POPPYN is facilitated by trained college students who study journalism, media and film. We have shared our work at Philadelphia’s City Hall, the South African embassy, and numerous film festivals, conferences, community centers and classrooms across our city and beyond.  

Our program meets on Mondays and Wednesdays after-school at Temple University. We also offer paid positions for high school students in our six-week summer program in partnership with WorkReady.

POPPYN airs every Thursday at 5:30pm EST on Philadelphia’s Public Access Channel: PhillyCAM (Comcast 66/Verizon 29). For more information, please contact POPPYN at 215-204-6185 or

Episodes, documentaries and segments are also available online.

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