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Barbara Ferman, PhD

Executive Director

215-204-6276 /

Role: As founder and executive director, I have responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the Collaborative including visioning, planning, staffing, fundraising, networking with other organizations and funders, grant reporting, and interacting with the board. Given how amazing the staff is, however, I have tons of help.


Hobbies/Interests: Working out, playing tennis, reading mysteries, and writing.


Sign: Sagittarius


Hopes for the future: That people come to realize that extending dignity, justice, and economic security to all people is not a zero-sum game; that in fact, we will all be in a much better place.


Johannah Bennett

Program Manager

215-204-6185  /

As the Program Manager, I oversee the administrative requirements for The Collab and ensure that our programs operate in compliance with city and state guidelines.   


Sign: Sagittarius

Hobbies: cooking, collecting rocks, being out in nature 

Hopes for the future: Justice 

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Stormy Kelsey

POPPYN Program Coordinator

215-204-6185  /

I am the program coordinator for POPPYN and I also manage the communications for the entire UCC! In my role, I am constantly engaging with our youth participants and supporting them in the process of video production!


Hobbies/Interest: Nature walks, reading, cooking, and lots of eating :)

Sign: Capricorn

Hopes for the future: I foresee our most marginalized folks being supported and having access to equitable resources. I foresee a world where we are all free. 


Kashara White

POWER Program Coordinator

215-204-6185  /

I am the Program Coordinator for POWER and I also manage the Consent Programing for the UCC! At the Collab, I work to build lasting relationships with our participants who work together to develop political education and media literacy skills, as well as, with schools and teachers to bring our Consent Education Workshop to youth all over the city of Philadelphia.  


Zodiac sign: Aries/ Sidereal Pisces 

Hobbies/interests: I love reading and watching Sci Fi, Fantasy and Folklore!

Hopes for the future: I envision a future where life is valued above all things.


Helena Esdaile

VOICES Program Coordinator

215-204-6185  /

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