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Our Students Work with Mat Tomezsko to create Revolutionary Art!

"Each student’s final project was a collage based on people or organizations they researched during the class. Together, the pieces served as the basis for Tomezsko’s mural. Zenaya Mason chose Rebecca Lee Crumpler and Rebecca J. Cole, two pioneering African American female physicians. “I chose them because I’m going to become a doctor in the future,” she said. “I feel people should know where I’m going in life and why I’m choosing that role.”

Samir Ross illustrated a concept. “I chose to go with the theme of Black liberation. It wasn’t just about the Black Panthers,” he said, “but more the social and economic aspects of it like housing and the wealth disparity of jobs.”

Revolutionary Philadelphia meant a lot to both of them. “What I enjoyed most about this class is learning who I am as a person,” Mason said. “Revolutionary art is just another aspect of knowing who you are, not just the people around you.” The class also gave Ross the opportunity to learn more about Philadelphia’s history. “I’ve never heard a lot of the Black history in this city,” he said. “Looking more into local history has taught me a lot more than about [just] the revolutionary history of the founding of America.” [Read More Here]

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